Display Advertising

Display Advertising

Display advertising allows advertiser/marketers to pull targeted visitors to their site with the use of visual ads, instead of purely text-based advertisements. Display advertising can come in an array of formats such as video, banner, plain text, rich text as well as interactive ads. 

A lot of advertisers approach this kind of advertising the same inactive manner they approach media buying on television, print or radio, with the aim of building awareness. Like ad mediums, usually, the strategy Is buying impression and looking forward to the best. However, the extent of targeting choices now available in display advertising along with active management enables marketers to reach prospective clients for their businesses. 

Now, display advertisers can target users based on a custom amalgamation of the following criteria which is best suited for the needs of the buyers: 

  • Demographics
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Parental Status
  • Device

Search History

  • Those who are searching to purchase a specific service or product
  • Search history on a specific interest
  • Third-Party Site Placements
  • Individual placement
  • Websites that greatly feature specific keywords
  • Website around a specific topic

What Makes Our Display Advertising Service Apart from the Rest?

At SEO Agency, our focus isn’t only on advertising impressions, but also conversions. Obtaining conversion than an impression is hard. Instead of solely focusing on growing the number of eyeballs which see our customer’s advertisement, we also concentrate on generating web traffic which will stay on site, convert as well as reach the goals of our clients, whether that be making sales, leads and other priority website goals. 

Not just are we specialists in display ad targeting and advertising options, we also actively control our bids to every targeting factor to make sure we’re always maximizing performance. Our optimization approach on a daily basis is different from media buying, wherein the technique is only a set-it and forget-it-until the monthly report method without optimization and real assessment of the performance. 

Also, we give an extensive report and keep in touch with the client on a regular basis to make sure they are updated of their advertisement performance and can converse that success to their stakeholders. We offer display advertising service that considerably goes beyond media buying.

Contact Us to Know How We Can Help You

We provide a comprehensive display ad services which also include social media ad, retargeting and paid search ad.

  • Our display ad services take account of the following:
  • Strategic Alignment and Goal Development
  • Deal closely with the customer to identify success metrics
  • Know how display ad can assist reach client objectives
  • Initial Set-Up

Tracking of conversion set up or audit

Retargeting cookie setup or audit 

Why Choose Us?

  • As a premier display ad service provider in Indonesia, we focus on reaching the right audience in the right place. We have years of experience in finding high ROAS targeting option to meet client’s marketing goal
  • Our staff have programmatic advertising experience
  • We Know Display Advertising
  • At SEO Agency, our professional team of advertises known the ins and out of display advertising.

We have been in the world of digital marketing for many years now, and that means we are proud to have the most seasoned and accomplished team of a display ad in the industry. Call us now to approach to help your business become successful.